Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fancy That!

Charlotte loves books, She has her favourites that you have to read over and over again.
The first book she got really attached to was a book called Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas by Jane O'Connor she got for a christmas present, This started her new found love for Fancy Nancy books. I must admit they are fun to read and a great way to learn new words and a little french...

Recently she has collected a few more of them, the newest is one called Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy.
(find more here)

I was a little bit worried before i read it, thinking it would be about getting a dog from a breeder or a pet shop.
But it was a pleasant surprise! Fancy Nancy and her family are wanting a dog and of course she wants a fancy dog and loves her neighbours papillon, and thinks that it is the dog for her,but after baby sitting to see if it was the breed for the family they decided against it, After that they then go and look at dogs from an animal shelter and the best line was "all those dogs need a family to love them"

It was a great story to read, Charlotte loved it, and i loved the fact it promoted Shelter dogs and not pet shops and breeders.


  1. that is a great lesson to teach to kids! it looks like a cute book!

  2. Oh we are big book lovers in our house - haven't heard of this one though and it sounds brilliant! Great cover too - they always suck me in! x